About Wendy Bellissimo


wendy headshot mar 13For well over a decade Wendy Bellissimo has represented the very best in style, quality and value to America’s growing families. Spanning an eclectic mix of products, the brand delivers exceptional yet practical designs, envisioned from the point-of-view of this mother of four who is passionate about creating products to fall in love with.

The Wendy Bellissimo brand is not about a signature look but rather a freedom of personal expression. It is a curated balance of classic sophistication with the hip, fun and elegant.

It is upon this philosophy of balance and authenticity that Wendy Bellissimo has built an ever-growing family lifestyle brand… A little something for every family who aspires to have just a little bit better than the “everyday”… every day.



Early Career   

It is fitting that something so beautifully attainable began with humble beginnings…  It was from discarded fabric samples that Wendy created some decorative pillows for her small apartment in 1994, and upon learning that the place where she worked was shuttering, she decided to try her luck at selling the pillows to stores…  Her designs were a hit, and within a year she had opened her own, small factory and expanded to include bedding for the home.   Then in 1998, on another whim, she created some designs for baby linens and included them at the New York Home Textiles show.  At the time, bedding for babies was almost entirely cartoon-like and primary colored.  Sophistication in the nursery was all but unheard of, yet Wendy brought velvets and florals and an eclectic sensibility to this space.  The designs were a sensation, and Wendy unwittingly inspired an industry-wide sea change in the way fashion relates to growing families that continues to inspire today .                         WATCH OPRAH TELL THE STORY HERE


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